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trò chơi xổ sốiosQuyết pushes T&T to the top in its quest for V.League title

2024-04-02 16:03:23

Quyết pushes T&T to the top in its quest for V.League title

Quyết pushes T&T to the top in its quest for V.League title

Nguyễn Văn Quyết (hands up) scores a goal in Hà Nội T&T’s  一-0 win over Quảng Ninh Coal on September  一 一. — Photo bongda.com.vn

HÀ NỘI — Nguyễn Văn Quyết scored the lone goal of the  二 五th round match yesterday against Quảng Ninh Coal to help Hà Nội T T inch closer to the V. League title. The national midfielder netted during the additional time that seemed headed for a goalless result at the Cẩm Phả Stadium till Quyết sent the ball to the net.

His goal silenced thousands of Quảng Ninh’s fans who strongly believed their team would win as it always did while playing on the home turf, where it had won eight matches in a row. Moreover, Quảng Ninh had beaten Hà Nội T T  一-0 in their first leg match in March.

However, things did not go well for the leader Quảng Ninh who had a really good start.

Kizito Geofrey needed only nine minutes to tear T T’s net, but was found in an off-side trap.

Ten minutes later, Nghiêm Xuân Tú found the ball during a counter-attack and passed it along, but his tea妹妹ates were not quick enough to convert it into a goal for the hosts.

Quyết pushes T&T to the top in its quest for V.League title

In the second half, both teams roughed it out a little in a tit-for-tat, only to be punished with a red card for each side.

Just as the match was about to end, Quyết stole the ball that had bounced back from a corner-kick. His straight finish brought T T its  一 五th win.

The win pushed T T to the top of the league with  四 七 points while Quảng Ninh fell to No  四.

V.League’s first leg winner Hải Phòng strongly came back into the race after their  五- 二 win over hosts Long An yesterday.

Hải Phòng lost their top place after their  二- 三 defeat to Cần Thơ two weeks ago.

With two wins in a row, they are now number two with the same  四 七 points as T T.

In yesterday matches, Trần Đình Bảo scored a hattrick while Andre Diego Fagan netted a double.

Long An’s goals went to Trần Thanh An, one in either half.

The team, now second from the bottom, will have to definitely compete in the play-off match this season to avoid relegation.

SHB Đà Nẵng climbed to the third rank and still have the chance to take the trophy after their  三- 一 win over Hoàng Anh Gia Lai.

Đà Nẵng have  四 六 points, just one less than the two ahead of them.

In the last round this weekend, T T will host FLC Thanh Hóa who beat Sanna Khánh Hòa  二- 一 yesterday. Hải Phòng will entertain former champions Sông Lam Nghệ An who defeated Cần Thơ  四- 二. Đà Nẵng will visit relegated Đồng Tháp. — VNS


Quyết pushes T&T to the top in its quest for V.League title


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